Q&A with men's basketball sophomore Darius Leonard

Darius Leonard
(photo by Will Bratton)
Darius Leonard (photo by Will Bratton)

Darius Leonard of Raleigh, N.C., has been at Campbell for a year now, and the transfer from Kent State is anticipating his first game action with the Camels after sitting out the 2011-12 season according to NCAA transfer guidelines.  During a break between summer classes and workouts, Leonard provided some insight into his first year in Buies Creek.

Question: What prompted you to transfer from Kent State to Campbell?   

Leonard:  I was interested in Campbell coming out of high school, but I listened to everyone else's opinion.  So when I decided to transfer, they were my first choice.

Q:  What it was like sitting out last year and practicing, not being able to play in the games?

Leonard:  It was hard. Watching the games and not being able to contribute. Then having to compete every day in practice.

Q:  What areas of your game have you worked on?

Leonard:  My shooting and attitude. My attitude was holding me back.

Q:  What was it like playing against Eric Griffin in practice?

Leonard:  Great. I feel like I learned a lot about myself. I saw many things he did that I need to develop.

Q:  Who is the most impressive newcomer that has come in?

Leonard:   Casey Perrin

Q:   What's his game like?

Leonard:    He reminds me of Amir (Celestin). Can score, but looks to pass first.

Q:  What was it like playing at Kent State?

Leonard:   It wasn't what I expected. I felt like I wasn't a contributor.

Q:  Who is the toughest player you've played against?

Leonard:  Justin Greene (of Kent State). No matter what he could find a way to score.

Q: What have you enjoyed most since you arrived at Campbell?

Leonard:   Having the entire community rally behind the athletic program. Being in Buies Creek is really exciting.

Q: Describe your style of play.

Leonard: I would say I have an European post player style. I can play in the post, but I spent two years working on my jump shot so I try to use it.