Q&A with Freshman guard Trey Freeman

Trey Freeman 
(photo by Bennett Scarborough)
Trey Freeman (photo by Bennett Scarborough)

How did you end up at Campbell?  What other schools did you consider?

Freeman: I ended up at Campbell because I really liked the coaches and it seemed like they really cared about me.  My parents as well as coaches thought it was a good fit for me.  Coming out of high school I was considering Old Dominion, Colgate and Saint Francis.  Honestly I am just really thankful that the coaches here chose me, and gave me a chance to play.

Campbell is off to its best start ever as a Division I program.  Is D1 basketball what you expected coming out of high school?

Freeman: D1 basketball is a great experience and I really had no idea what to expect.  I just knew we were going to be playing basketball.  This year we have been to places that I have never been to, and have played teams I remember watching on Sports Center with my family.  It's an awesome environment when the coaches are pushing you to be the best you can.

After one semester of work, how would you describe your transition from high school to college in the class room?

Freeman: The transition from high school to college is pretty challenging.  It's a lot different not having mom always there nagging me to get my work done.  I still hear her telling me to take care of my school work first.  This first semester I did okay but I expect more from myself academically and I promise the coaches as well as my family I will step it up.

What do you enjoy most about being a student-athlete at Campbell University?

Freeman: As a student athlete at Campbell University the thing I love the most is the access I have to the gym at any time.  I love shooting in the gym and staying in there for hours, it reminds me of home.  It is great being a student athlete here. The coaches really care about us and make sure we are up on our work.

Coach Laing has mentioned that from Day One, you have become one of the leaders of the team.  In what ways do you try to demonstrate leadership?

Freeman: I try to demonstrate leadership in everything that I do.  Whether that is off the court or on the court I try to just be there for my teammates at all times.  In workouts, conditioning, and practice I am trying more and more to be a vocal leader.  Right now I mostly try to lead with action.

With eight newcomers on the team, how has the team bonded on and off the court?

Freeman: The team bonds very well together, we are all like brothers.  From top to bottom everyone jokes around with each other and has each other's back.  There is no doubt in my mind that I can trust everyone on this team.

You made the first 29 free throws of the season and rank among the national leaders.  What are some of the keys to being a great foul shooter?

Freeman: To be a good free throw shooter you just need to practice and always be positive.  You have to know that you are going to hit the shot. You cannot be scared to take the shots.  Every free throw should have the same routine and thoughts.

Do you think of anything while you are at the line?

Freeman: When I am at the line I tend to talk to myself saying, positive things like "you are going to hit this shot."  You do not want to over-think the shot and psyche yourself out.  Just be confident when you step to the line.

Have you patterned your game after any player, or players?  Who are your athletic heroes, or greatest influences?

Freeman: I don't know if I patterned my game after any one player, but I watch a lot of basketball and I try to take things that I see are successful from players.  My favorite player is Michael Jordan.  I grew up in the kind of household where everyone was a Bulls fan.  I have all the Michael Jordan videos as well as the Bulls dynasty ones.  Now my brothers really like Kobe Bryant a whole lot.  I am not the biggest fan in the world, but I do respect him a whole lot.  My favorite players now are Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Dwayne Wade.  It's hard to pick favorites because every player has something else that they offer.

What areas of your game do you consider to be your strengths?  Where do you need to improve?

Freeman: I don't know what my strengths really are because I feel like I have a long way to go.  I am going to improve on my defense as well as my three-pointer.  Not only that, but also finishing with contact at the rim.  I just want to be the best at every category of the game.

What are the most memorable moments of your short college career so far?

Freeman: I have a lot of good memories so far from college such as the ECU thriller, or the High Point comeback, or even the tough win at Iowa on the road. With all this said, another memorable moment of my college career was that Creighton game. That loss really hurt and I am still not over it.  It was an awesome place to play, right next to the College World Series (stadium) and the arena was huge and packed.  The game at Chicago State is a great memory because I had some family members that came and watched me for the first time.

Who are your best friends on other college teams?  How often do you speak with them?

Freeman: I have some good friends playing college such as Christian Burton at VMI, Briante Weber at VCU,  Edward Reddick at Bridgewater, Devonte Williams at Virginia State, and Jalen Marshall at Chowan.  I talk to these guys every now and then just to check on them.

When you aren't studying, practicing or otherwise obligated to the basketball team (travel, film, meetings), how do you like to spend your free time?

Freeman: When I am not in the gym or studying I like to spend my time watching movies and listening to music.  

Tell us something that most people don't know about you?

Freeman: My real name is James Herman Freeman III.

On the road trip to the Midwest, someone overheard you list off some of your all-time favorite Christmas movies?  What is your favorite, and why?

Freeman: As a student of movies, my favorite Christmas movies are between three classics that you will find on TV every year around this time – Home Alone 2,  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and, of course, Jingle All The Way.  Me and my brothers get in this argument every year.  Adrian and Aric seem to think that National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is the best, but I am not sure it is better than Jingle All the Way or Home Alone 2.  If I had to choose my favorite for this year, it would have to be Jingle All the Way because Sinbad was hilarious in that movie.  This answer, though, is subject to change every single year.