Question and Answer with Sophomore Baseball Player Carlton Floyd

Question and Answer with Sophomore Baseball Player Carlton Floyd

After a freshman season where he played sparingly, sophomore centerfielder Carlton Floyd has made the most of his opportunity at the top of the Campbell batting order leading the Camels with a .365 batting averaging after the first 14 games of the season.

The Riegelwood, N.C. native has recorded multiple hits in four of the last five games jump starting the Camels to a three-game win streak.

The pre-pharmacy major sat down with Campbell Media Services student assistant John Owens:

Owens: What is behind your latest hitting streak?

Floyd: I think I've always been a good hitter. I had been wearing a brace on my right shoulder which was restricting my motion, but I took the brace off recently which has allowed for greater flexibility. Also, I have been seeing the ball better and my timing is in sequence. Also it never hurts to have my teammates riding me about not hitting any doubles. That added fuels to fire for me to hit for a little more power.

O: How did you get started playing baseball?

F: I have been playing baseball ever since I was four years old. Everyone in the neighborhood would be in the backyard during the summer tossing the ball around. From that day I saw I had success and have always wanted to see how far I could take it. I just want to continue to improve everyday through hard work and practice.

O: What is your favorite position and why?

F: Center field mainly because it's the position I grew up playing the outfield. Even at ten and eleven when everyone else wanted to play the infield I wanted to be in the outfield. I have always been able to get a good read off the bat which allowed me to get great jumps.

O: What are you most memorable moments?

F: When I was 14 years old I played in the Dixie Boys Baseball World Series. We were up by six runs in the bottom of the last inning but we lost it to Alabama. Another fond memory I have, is my junior year in high school when I hit a walk-off grand slam.

O: Who are your role models and why?

F: My main role model would have to be my Granddad because he always gave me the determination to try to be the best at what ever I did. Also he was a well respected man in the community. He was always there for me when ever I needed someone. Another one of my role models is my family, who has always been there to support me whenever I need them.

O: How did you hear about Campbell?

F: I have always known of Campbell, but when I really starting to look at coming to Campbell was when I was a junior in high school. I went to a few showcases and one of the Campbell coaches started to recruit me. Also, I knew some of the guys on the teams and I knew about the outstanding pharmacy program Campbell.

O: Which teammate would be your long lost brother?

F: Ryan Hamme, because we grew up together. We went to the same elementary and middle school. Even when we were younger we always played ball together in the back yard, and we played little league baseball together.

O: What are your individual goals for the season?

F: First and foremost is to help the team win. Individually, I'd like to hit over .300 and be looked at as a team leader.

O: What is the team goal this year?

F: Pull together into one unit and do the little things necessary to win. Also, I would like for us to win the A-Sun Tournament and make it to the NCAA Regionals.

O: What are the strengths of this year's team?

F: We work well as team. We're a scrappy team that never gives up when adversity is thrown our way. We have senior leadership especially on the mound which helps our young guys improve. Also we have a very young team with a bright future ahead of them.

O: What are your pre game rituals?

F: I like to listen to the same song every time, visualize the game and relax.

O: What has your transition been like from relief pitcher to everyday player this year?

F: Practice is a lot harder on my body and lot more work trying to do both. I have been pleased to get the chance to play everyday in the field and take advantage of this opportunity to prove I belong as an everyday player for this lineup.

O: What do you plan to do when you leave Campbell?

F: I want to put the knowledge I gained at Campbell into practical use and pursue a position as pharmacist. I'd also like to stay around the game and maybe get into coaching. Most importantly, I want to be a good citizen and help others.

O: What are your favorite sports outside of baseball?

F: Golf because it is a way to get away from struggles and distraction. When I play I am the only one in control of what happens on the playing field. And I am pretty good at it.

O: What are some of your hobbies at Campbell?

F: I enjoying hanging out with friends, playing golf and playing ping pong.

O: What are your favorite sports teams?

F: Pittsburg Steelers, Atlanta Braves and Cincinnati Reds

O: Who is your favorite professional player and why?

F: Ken Griffey, Jr., because I have always liked the way he plays. He always seemed to be confident on the field especially when he robs home runs from other players.