CU Athletics Announces Inaugural CAMMYS Nominees

CU Athletics Announces Inaugural CAMMYS Nominees

BUIES CREEK, N.C.-Campbell University athletics will present the inaugural CAMMYS this Tuesday, April 24 at 6 p.m. inside the John W. Pope Jr. Convocation Center. The event is led by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, which consists of male and female student-athletes from CU’s 20 NCAA Division I intercollegiate athletics programs.

The evening will showcase the best in Camel athletics over the last calendar year and will be hosted by the “Voice of the Fighting Camels” Chris Hemeyer. 

The following is a complete list of all the CAMMY categories and nominees. The nominees were all contacted Wednesday by Gaylord the Camel. See photos from invitation day here

Mr. and Miss Campbell
This award goes to a senior athlete who has an overall GPA of 3.00 or higher and has displayed leadership roles both on and off the playing field. This person is both an advocate and a role model for his or her team. 

Mr. Campbell
Robert Connolly (cheerleading)
Kelvonto Cooper (track & field)
Jordan Cramer (football)
Preston Dodson (football)
Kyle Holmstrom (baseball) 

Miss Campbell
Mary Catherine Day (cheerleading)
Lauren Garza (volleyball)
Annabelle Gibney (women’s soccer)
Taylor McGee (softball)
Libby Sanderson (swimming) 

Outstanding Male and Female Athlete
This award goes to the best male and female athlete who had an outstanding season and achieved significant athletic milestones. 

Male OA
Jordan Cramer (football)
Eric Griffin (men’s basketball)
Vaita Guillaume (men’s golf)
Christopher Schulist (track & field)
John Weakley (wrestling) 

Female OA
Tonisha Baker (women’s basketball)
Taylor Brown (women’s soccer)
Karolina Chernaya (women’s tennis)
Jessica Dunston (track & field)
Kylie Warne (swimming)
Kaylin Yost (women’s golf) 

Men’s and Women’s Team GPA Award
This award goes to the men’s and women’s team with the highest overall GPA for the spring and fall 2011 semesters. 

Male and Female Rookie of the Year
This award goes to a freshman athlete who made an immediate impact on his or her team, as demonstrated by teammates’ testimonies and/or outstanding achievements and awards. 

Male ROY
Evan Darm (cross country)
Jhuvon Francis (men’s soccer)
Trey Freeman (men’s basketball)
Adrien Rossignon (men’s tennis)
Giusepe Rizzolino (wrestling) 

Female ROY
Lynette Akai (track & field)
Lisbeth Brooks (women’s golf)
Ashley Clark (women’s soccer)
Kiera Gaines (women’s basketball)
Sydney Postmus (swimming) 

The Amanda Littlejohn Award
Amanda was an inspiring athlete who not only battled on the field alongside her teammates but faced a personal battle at home with a life threatening disease.  This award goes to an athlete who faced considerable adversity this year and, despite facing these obstacles in various arenas, showed courage, composure, and focus on his or her goals making this person an inspiration to others. 

Meredith Cooper (swimming)
Taylor McGee (softball)
Marisa Muller (women’s soccer)
Monique Spry (women’s basketball) 

The Unsung Hero Award
This award goes to an athlete who had a significant impact on his or her team and played a vital role in his or her team’s success while still being the “unsung hero”. 

Mallorie Cubillos (volleyball)
Ethan Hall (men’s soccer)
Austin Tart (football)
The Offensive Line (football) 

Breakthrough Athlete of the Year
This athlete, male or female, emerged as a key contributor to his or her team as a transfer or first-year starter. 

Katelyn Bass (women’s basketball)
Braden Smith (football)
Darren White (men’s basketball)
Drew Yoder (cheerleading) 

Most Outstanding Team
This award goes to the team that displayed a combination of the best statistics, results, and achievements this year. 

Men’s Golf
Women’s Golf
Women’s Soccer

Best Play of the Year
This award goes to the athlete or group of athletes who took part in the most incredible athletic event to occur during competition this year. Criteria to be considered include the demonstration of athletic prowess, the impact of the play on the game’s outcome, or the sheer awesomeness of the play. 

Braden Smith’s pass to Chad McMichael against Davidson (football)
Mitchell Cardenas’ assist for Ben Iiames’ overtime goal against NC State (men’s soccer)
Eric Griffin’s dunk against North Carolina A&T (men’s basketball)
Campbell volleyball team’s comeback in the fifth game against Presbyterian (volleyball)
Nick Rex’s duck-under for a take-down against Appalachian State (wrestling) 

Coach of the Year
This award goes to the head coach who led the team with the best results, most significant impact on the school, and greatest level of community service involvement. This coach developed and guided athletes in such a way that encouraged them to compete at their best. 

Todd Clark (women’s soccer)
John Crooks (golf)
Robbie Laing (men’s basketball)
Dale Steele (football)
Wanda Watkins (women’s basketball) 

Assistant Coach of the Year
This award goes to the assistant coach who has made a noteworthy difference in the lives of the athletes with whom he or she works. This assistant coach contributed to the overall success and athletic development of the individuals and team as a whole in his or her sport. 

Men’s Teams
Rocco Caponi (wrestling)
Justin Haire (baseball)
Oscar Olejniczak (football) 

Women’s Teams
Tim Crooks (golf)
Nathan Leggett (volleyball)
German Perez (tennis) 

Support Staff Award
This award goes to the person who contributes their time, energy, and compassion behind the scenes and works incredibly hard for the athletes at Campbell to compete at their best. Personnel to be considered for this award include athletic trainers and other athletic department staff. 

Chris Hemeyer (media/marketing)
Kory Ison (athletic training)
Josh Tate (football)
Rachel Taylor (athletic training)
Katy Tran (academic services) 

The Greatest Fan Award
This award goes to the athlete who has shown his or her passion for the Fighting Camels throughout the year as determined by attendance at Athletes for Athletes games.